The Amadeus Order Interface (AOI) is a webinterface to operate the Amadeus II POS system. Operations are executed using the Amadeus Structured Query Language (ASQL), defining the syntax use by the AOI. The AOI is a fully featured POS - terminal used by our own clients like ATouch 2 or Orderman 7. 

Basic usage

To interact with the AOI a POS-terminal needs to be created in the Amadeus II backoffice. The serial number (Seriennummer) ist important. It identifies the AOI-instance throughout the whole process. To get you started, all settings should be made as shown below. 

After a reboot of the correspoding ACF, the AOI is available. To check the setup, open a Webbrowser like Chrome and open the following URL:


If everything is correct, you should get the following webpage: 

To talk the AOI from your application you can set GET requests to the AOI like you address every webpage. You must always use the serial number you entered during the first step. To query the status of the POS-terminal, submit the following request: 


There are always two parameters: 

  • sno: the serial number.
  • asql: the ASQL-phrase you wanna execute. 

The answer from the AOI is always an xml file. The structure of this file is discussed in the following sections.