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TAR Export verification


My German is not good so I hope you don't mind me writing in English.

We are trying to verify TAR export from Epson USB TSE device and we keep getting following verification errors: 

Signatur 575 : UpdateTransaction soll nicht verwendet werden!

Signatur 575 : Processdata-Bestellung nicht richtig formatiert: 1;"Main Dish";10.00

Transaction scenario in our POS system is following:

1. open new table, put one item on this table and send this order

To TSE we're sending startTransaction with blank processType and processData to get TSE TransactionNumber and then we send UpdateTransaction with processType "Bestellung-V1" and processData formatted as 'qty;"item name";price' (1;"Main Dish";10.00)

2. calling this open table again, going to payment and closing table to cash payment

To TSE we're sending FinishTransaction with processType "Kassenbeleg-V1" and processData '<Transaktionstyp>^<Brutto-Steuerumsätze>^<Zahlungen>'

What is incorrect with formatting processData in UpdateTransaction function and why UpdateTransaction should not be used?

TAR Export is attached. 

Thank you in advance!

Best regards

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